A day in the life of Amelia, aged 7 months


thumb_IMG_8643_1024This is how I imagine Amelia would write a diary entry…

So I wake up looking at the mobile again. I have Nanny Mowl, Ewan and bedtime bunny keeping me company and my legs are confined within my sleeping bag. I now know the best thing to do is entertain myself a little bit first. I have found that if I start crying I am left for a while first. They do this to see if I’m really awake or still tired. After a short time of amusing myself I am ready to get up and have some company. So I practice my words. I can’t understand why they think it’s just noise and sounds because I’m pretty sure I am chatting about relevant things nowadays.

Daddy comes bounding in and smiles at me. I give him a really big smile back because I know they can’t resist my smiles. It’s a sure fire way to get out of this cot. I also know he will take me to mummy who’s got the milk I really want to drink! After a good drink I get to hang out with daddy whilst he gets ready for work. He usually gives me an elephant that has different textures and scrunchy sounds that I like to play with and chew. He then takes me downstairs whilst he has breakfast. Previously I was stuck in my high chair the whole time but now I have this new toy that I can stand in. If I feel like it I can move around the room in it. It’s opened up a whole new world of possibility for me. Mummy usually surfaces just in time for daddy to leave. It’s then time for our breakfast. I like to look longingly at mummy whenever she eats. I’d like to be able to eat what she does and drink cups of tea. She does try…she lets me have a scoop of her Weetabix, and some bread and cheese if she has a sandwich for lunch. Breakfast for me is a lovely porridge. I really love breakfast – it’s perhaps my favourite meal of the day. After breakfast we get dressed and I get to play about for a while. Then all the excitement and fun playing tires me out. So it’s naptime. Again, I am helped into my cot with the usual crew for company. This is generally my favourite nap because we don’t often skip it.

The next part of the day is variable – sometimes I wake up and lay about in the cot for a while, sometimes I wake up to find mummy watching over me as if she’s waiting for me to open my eyes, and sometimes I think she actually tries to wake me up. On those days I get scooped up and it all turns a bit wild. Everything happens really quickly and I get bundled into the back of the car, transported somewhere that I have usually been before and pretty much always there’s a collection of other babies. I sit and watch what’s going on – music, singing, lots of hand gestures, and other babies crawling and tottering about. Most of the time I will get into it but now and again I am just too tired and not into it. There’s usually toys and teddies and all these toys they call ‘instruments’ that make a lot of noise. To be honest, whatever I am presented with I mostly enjoy chewing and trying to eat. After these groups we head off home or on to somewhere else. The groups tire me out so after some lunch I am always ready for another nap. I have a bout three naps per day. But I need the sleep – it’s helping me grow so I can do even more stuff. I also find myself eating a lot. I have three meals per day and lots of milk in between. I heard mummy saying the other day that I am now supposed to be having three snacks as well. I’m not sure where we will find the time in between all of the other things I get up to! But it’ll make me bigger and stronger so I’m ready to take over the world some day!

The best part of the day in my opinion is after teatime. Why? Because I get to have a bath. I love bath-time! It’s so much fun. I get to splash around and I have so many bath toys to play with. Timothy the turtle (who speaks a different language, and has a funny accent. I have heard mummy saying something about ‘French’). Daddy usually gives me my bath and then gets me ready for bed. I don’t like getting out of the bath, and by the time I do get out I’m a bit tired and hungry, so I get a bit grumpy. But I soon calm down when I get to have my bedtime milk!

It’s then time for bed where I get to cuddle up to Nanny Mowl and bedtime bunny, and chat to Ewan again!