The best dressed award goes to…


This week is Halloween week. I really wasn’t planning on dressing her up in a costume. I had thought it might be a bit too cliché to dress my little baby up in an outfit for every occasion without her having a choice. But then our baby signing class instructor advised us that the week of Halloween would be a chance to dress up. Knowing this was a game changer. If we had a reason to dress her up then we couldn’t pass on the opportunity. Then came the need to find a costume. I wanted something she would look cute in. I googled ‘baby Halloween costumes’. There were many numerous toddler options but not quite so many baby options. Options ranged from laugh out loud fluffy monster outfits to simple babygros’ with slogans on. I was very tempted by the extravagant options. I could only imagine the picture opportunities being great. My rational side kicked in, however, and I realised that it was a one-time item that was not reusable. I really didn’t need to spend over the odds on an outfit. I have never spent that much on one item of clothing for her! So I resolved that I would find something simple. This narrowed the range even further. It was looking like the most likely choice was a skeleton or a pumpkin. I couldn’t bring myself to get the skeleton outfit because it was simply not anatomically accurate enough for the doctor in me. A pumpkin it was!

So at our next food shop I picked up the pumpkin outfit in her side and waited for the opportunity to dress her in it. Yesterday came and I dressed her in the babygro part, waiting until after lunch to add the extra pieces of the costume, including the matching slippers. As I did my usual trick of leaving it to the last minute to leave I rushed the rest of the outfit on. She was perhaps a little on the tired side but she was not chuffed with the additions to the outfit, and not best pleased when I decided to add pigtails to complete the outfit! Grumpy was an understatement. She looked at me like I was the meanest mummy ever. In all honesty, I should have expected this. I am not a fan of fancy dress myself, and given the option would avoid it at all costs. So why was I expecting her to willingly be dressed up like a pumpkin?

She did look cute though! The shoes admittedly came off within about two minutes of arriving at the group. The other babies all looked pretty cute in their outfits – skeletons, peapod, bumblebee, etc! Obviously Amelia was the best dressed. We have entered the best costume category and await the result due on the weekend!

On reflection – did I need to dress her up? The answer is a tough one. It’s probably a no. But a little part of me thinks that had I not bothered, Amelia might come to me one day and ask me why I didn’t dress her up for her first Halloween. I think we all secretly love those ‘embarrassing’ pictures of us when we were little. Will I do it again? Well I have already been tempted by some festive themed sleepsuits and a Christmas sweater, and I can’t say I wont be tempted by a little elf outfit or a Mrs Claus costume.

I guess at the end of the day these little ones are at our mercy every day. I don’t know what age Amelia will be able to have some say over what she wears but so far she goes along with all my choices! In the past she has performed a few ‘dirty protests’. By that I mean I have dressed her and within minutes she has presented me with one of her poo-losions, giving me no choice but to change her outfit. I don’t have any photos of myself as a child wearing a Halloween or Christmas outfit. Though I do have many pictures of me wearing what I can only describe as ‘frightful’ sweaters, shell-suits and luminous Lycra cycling shorts. Possibly the worst were the matching outfits with my little sister who was four years younger. I think she would agree with this.


Have you got plans to dress your little one up for Halloween or Christmas? Or is every day fancy dress day?