Amelia’s hairdo!

This may sound like a very mundane topic, but if you knew how much time I’ve spent talking about her hair over the last year you would appreciate why I thought I better bring it up!

Amelia was born with a full head of hair. It didn’t surprise me because, if the old wives tale is anything to go by, I suffered with a serious about of heartburn during pregnancy. So much so that I couldn’t have more than a tiny sip of water if I woke during the night. I was swigging Gaviscon from the bottle. We had even nicknamed her Fuzzball (or fuzzy) for short during the pregnancy. So when she came out with thick dark brown locks (and a little fluffy all over to be honest) we were not shocked, but in total adoration of this cute little fuzzball.

Everyone who got a picture, or visited remarked how much hair she had. Every time we took her out we would be stopped by strangers, or hear them saying nearby, ‘so much hair’! I guess you could say it’s her trademark. Lots of people said it’d probably fall out because that’s what happens. But it never did fall out. It just kept getting longer, and thicker! By 6 months old she’d had her fringe trimmed twice by my hairdresser. I have also had to be brave and do some trimming of the fringe – it grows very quickly!

As she started to toss and turn more during the night the crown started to get a bit fuzzy and frizzy. We would lovingly comb her hair after she’d had a bath and it’d flatten back down. But by the time she woke the next morning it’d be all frizzed up again. Combing it would lead to some improvement but it was always a little bouffant. In all honesty I spent a lot of time concerned that she looked unkempt and that social services would turn up accusing us of neglect. This fear heightened once she started nursery. I felt obliged to spend ages trying to flatten it back down. One day I didn’t have time. I arrived at the nursery and found myself apologising for the ‘really bad bed hair’. The response was one that led to action. “Oh don’t worry, it’s just your trademark isn’t it Amelia’. It hit me – she had hair as ridiculous as Russell Brand. She had Russell Brand’s hairdo – I mean who takes him seriously?! That evening I started researching the equivalent of Frizz-Ease for babies. I found a spray-in condition by Johnsons and Johnsons for little ones. It came with the next food delivery, and it worked wonders! I spray it on after the bath and in the morning and her hair is a lot flatter and softer! She now has standard baby hair and not a bouffant for a trademark!

I do get asked a lot if I tie it back or put it up. I can sometimes get a clip in it. I have once or twice managed a ponytail or pigtails. Once I did manage a little French plait. However, she was 7 months old – not mobile but easily distractible. It wasn’t too difficult to keep her still for long enough. When I have managed to get a bobble in it, it lasts for a short time – usually being put in the car sear or buggy is its downfall. They slip out so easily. As for now – she will not sit still long enough to get a bobble in her hair (and make it look tidier than it does without a bobble). Also, she swipes my hand away. I think she just prefers to wear her hair down, and in a way that I would call ‘rogue’. It does leave me a little sad since I dream of the day I can put her beautiful hair in beautiful braids!

For now her hair will remain untamed (apart from the use of the leave-in conditioner), and she will wake from naps with static causing the front of her hair to stick up! I include a selection of pictures that shows her hair off to the fullest, and a couple where I have successfully tamed her locks (note that these looks lasted for mere minutes!).

Does anyone have a 1 year old who willingly allows you to tie their hair back?