Nappy changes!

It’s all about the nappy I’m told – the right brand, the right size, put on the right way!

In preparation for Amelia’s arrival I stocked up on pampers new baby size 1, whilst the supermarket baby events were on. We had no idea how many nappies she might get through. People seemed to say ‘lots’! The husband’s mother say if she was anything like he was it would be 10 plus (a poo for every feed)! I would subtly try and get an idea from mums who were bringing their baby’s for their checks to work out how many size 1’s I would need.

Anyway, Amelia arrived and our nappy journey began. We bypassed the cotton wool and cooled boiled water cleaning and went straight to using wipes suitable for new babies. I didn’t have the patience to boil water, cool it and wipe with hundreds of cotton wool balls (so why I bought 600 cotton wool balls in preparation for her arrival I don’t know, as they remain mostly unused).

We soon realised that the key to a successful nappy change was to make it quick, and to never change after the first wave of pooping (as it usually came in waves of 3 successive poops). It took having to do 3 nappy changes within the space of 10 minutes, and wasting new nappies, as they would be covered with wee before they were even put on, to get to this realisation.

We also found that Amelia liked to sabotage our punctuality. Just as we would be ready to leave the house the poop would come. We had warning – a staring look, some straining and then a sound similar to that of a female tennis player returning the ball for championship point! The other concern was would this be what we fondly referred to as a poo-losion (definition – escaping of poo out of the nappy so as to cover clothing). We now anticipate this at every sound of poop being expelled.

We have been covered in poop numerous times. Highlights include:

  • Top and tailing her (she was wearing a nappy) at the sink. Daddy felt something warm on his leg and looked down to find something resembling an eruption from Vesuvius pouring from the top of her nappy and down his pyjama bottoms.
  • Myself returning to the car to find her and daddy in the back of the car, after a poo-losion occurred in her car seat. We had to strip her down to a fresh nappy, cover the seat with muslin to protect her from the poop. We arrived at our friends in a frantic state needing to do emergency washing. I think daddy was pretty traumatised by this ‘emergency’. This incident has since been referred to as ‘poo-gate’.
  • Most recently I had a similar car experience, which led to her being covered in poo along with my clothes and myself too. (I only realised that I was covered with it just as I was about to take a bite out of my food and I looked down to find my leg, and then my cardigan, covered in her familiar yellow poop.

I feel like I am single-handedly keeping ‘vanish’ stain remover in business.  I guess I am not the only one. Suggestions have been ‘try a larger nappy’, ‘go back down a size’, and ‘try a different brand’. I have found nothing is foolproof other than anticipating a potential escapee at the first whiff of a poop being on the horizon. I can say with certainty that her Bumbo is a prime suspect for encouraging poops and escapees.

Since introducing vegetables her nappies have become far smellier and a bit more formed. I can now see why people choose to invest in odour-containing nappy disposal units. I am still not convinced they are anything but a gimmick. Can anyone convince me otherwise? I can only imagine things will change further as her diet become more varied.

What do I recommend with regards to nappy changes?  Having tried several different brands of baby wipes (I was given lots of packs by different people as part of gifts, and picked up different kinds when on offer), I really like Tesco loves baby fragrance free ultra soft wipes. They are great value and can be purchased in big jumbo packs. Plus they have a good plastic lid, you can easily pull just one out at a time, and for most nappy changes one wipe will suffice. Runner-up would be Asda little angels cotton soft baby wipes.  I swear by Metanium every day barrier ointment. It is often on offer during the baby events, but is admittedly more expensive than some of the other barrier creams. However, as a doctor I have found it is often recommended as treatment for nappy rash, where other measures have failed. She has not suffered with nappy rash so far, so fingers crossed it will continue!

I would love to hear your poop stories. I feel that discussing them is a little bit like therapy! However, I request that you do not poo-poo my thoughts on nappy time!

4 thoughts on “Nappy changes!

  1. Haha, thanks for the reminder not to run to change the diaper after the very first poop (since there will more than likely be another one, or two)! I’m 36 weeks pregnant today (with baby #4) and somehow I’d forgotten about that! 😛

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  2. The three-squeeze poo is a standard in our household – never be too eager to change our daughter immediately after the first squeeze! Also – we have also found that the Bumbo seems to encourage poos, perhaps the supported position is optimum for babies to poo?! 😀
    They ‘the experts’ do suggest that humans should defecate in a ‘squat’ position (rather than sitting on a toilet) with knees above the hips – hence recommend this for folks struggling with constipation (suggesting a strong weight-bearing footstool to be placed under feet when using a standard toilet).
    I suspect the Bumbo gives babies this more ideal position …..but sadly I have also found poo-losion common place with the Bumbo 😦

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    1. Yes the bumbo certainly was quite a good poo encourager!! I did crazily try and put her on a potty just to see what happened when she was straining one day recently – she basically tried to climb off with a small blob of poo stuck to her bum! I also tried putting her on the toilet when she was about to go in the bath. She looked at me like I was nuts….then as soon as I stood her in the bath she proceeded to do a big wee! Potty training is over for now!


      1. This is a great idea – one of my friends (Beth) is convicted that as the rest of the developing world potty-train from effectively day one, perhaps the billion-dollar nappy industry (only developed since the 1970’s) shouldn’t actually be the norm? For interest, see
        It has been super successful for Beth’s children; and saved loads of money (+ the environment).


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