About me

I’m in my early 30’s and became a mummy in early 2015.

My husband and I made a decision to do some travelling and get our careers on the right path prior to having children. We both work as General Practitioners in the NHS.

We worked hard and travelled to all parts of the world, before deciding the time was right to start a new chapter, and pass our genes on!

Arriving in 2015, Amelia has turned our lives upside down. I don’t think we knew what to expect having a baby. We had ideas and ideals, but she has challenged all of these in her short life!

We had also convinced ourselves that our days of travelling the world would be over (at least for a few years). However, our love of travel has showed no signs of slowing down since Amelia’s arrival. She too is becoming well travelled!

My blog is about transitioning into life as a mummy. I guess, with time, it may evolve and incorporate our love of travel, work-related themes, and more!