What a difference a month makes!


So having had a hectic yet slightly lazy December I am back on track. I have finally started to sort out all of the piles that I have been allowing to pile up around the house, and getting some order in the home. A lot of this has been triggered by the ever-changing needs of Amelia!

Back when I last updated you she had been unwell and taken a bit of a backwards step in her feeding, and was making some moves via the backward crawl and some fairly proficient rolling. We sat and watched the other babies around us eating well and getting around in the traditional forwards manner. We went to the baby groups the last week before Christmas and I could see her desperation to get involved with what was going on. She was rapidly crawling backwards towards the corner of the room but not making it forwards like the rest of the babies. However, she never got upset about it! Instead she would just make more noise that the rest of the babies!

We made it to Christmas with our Christmas tree remaining intact. We had taken the decision to invest in an artificial Christmas tree rather than having our usual outing to get a real tree. Though sad (I’m not sure my husband was that upset!) it was the right thing to do. We’d had non-drop trees before but they always lose some needles, and knowing Amelia’s love of anything she shouldn’t have, and love of putting everything in her mouth, it was safer to avoid a real tree. I was glad of her ability to move only backwards since I knew I could position her in the right way and she would never make it to the tree! Every now and again she’d roll over to it and try eating whatever card or gift she could get her hands on. Anyone who was given a hand delivered card received one with a soggy, chewed corner.

She had a wonderful festive time! I went crazy with all the cute Christmas clothes on the market – onesies, sweaters, leggings, t-shirts and so on were all Christmas-themed. We had plenty of guests and she enjoyed the attention. Her appetite changed, and suddenly she couldn’t get enough food at mealtimes – some days she was having three courses. Her sleep had changed too – but not quite for the better. She was waking again 1-2 times in the night. Sometimes she was just ‘awake’ and sometimes a cuddle or some milk would put her back to sleep. The most frustrating night was when she woke at 3.30am and was ready to be up and about. She stayed like this for an hour and a half before realising that the world is boring in the pitch black early hours of a winter’s morning, with a grumpy mummy. Her regular wake-ups, alongside a cold made me not so festive, grumpy at times and lacking any energy to do anything productive at home. However, her Christmas gift to us was one of sleep. Since Christmas it has been an exception if she wakes in the night rather than the rule. This was the greatest gift of all! She spent the whole of Christmas day opening her gifts, with food and nap breaks in between. As should be expected the wrapping paper provided much more entertainment on the day than the gifts she received. However, she had some wonderful gifts, and now requires a playroom to store them all! I’m going to tell you about the gifts another day as it’s always helpful to share gift ideas (especially for the 9 month old age since I found it pretty tough working out what would be age appropriate).

Her least favourite part of Christmas, from what I could gather, was meeting Father Christmas. This was perhaps a highlight for mummy and daddy though! We met him on a steam railway Christmas journey. Meeting him prior to boarding he kindly said ‘Ho Ho Ho’ and was genuinely jolly but Amelia’s reaction was to grimace and then cry. Our first snap of her with him shows Daddy looking the happiest of the three of them! Her feelings towards Father Christmas were confirmed when he boarded the train. Until he tried to interact with her she was happily trying to destroy a piece of paper. But on the two occasions he tried to entertain her she frowned and cried. There had been no-one else to-date that had caused such a reaction! Then, later that day a lady working in a shop was a bit ‘in your face’ with her at the self-checkout, and Amelia treated her much the same as she had Father Christmas. (I should note that the woman bore no resemblance to him other than being a bit loud)

The week between Christmas and New Year is usually the least productive of the year. However, for Amelia it was perhaps her most productive ever. She suddenly made moves towards crawling forwards. It started with a few tentative moves towards bringing her knees forwards. Then there was the odd time where there was definite forward movement. She seemed to have got the idea that she had to move her hands forwards and not backwards. Her most clear forward crawl came when she spotted my p60 on the floor (yes I am pretty last minute when it comes to that kind of thing). I had to do a double take to try and establish whether she really had moved forwards, on her knees. Trying to entice her with toys and she wouldn’t budge of she would go back to using her bum to shuffle along. But try enticing her with the p60 and she would crawl forwards at pace! Another 24 hours like this and she was off. She would crawl away form her toys and towards the fireplace where there was a Christmas ornament that had taken her eyes. She would then move on to a basket that had some journals in it. She would empty the basket and generally throw the journals around the place. Any ‘Don’t touch that Amelia’ or ‘That’s not for you to touch’ was met with a look from her and a sound that resembled ‘Huh’, a few seconds of thought and then trying again. I found myself spending a lot of time saying ‘no’, ‘not that’, ‘come back here’ and chasing her around the place! My husband and I were starting to realise how life was about to change yet again. We invested in a next day delivery of a playpen so that we would be able to have toilet and refreshment breaks without fear of what we might return to. Her crawling continues to progress, she can now get up the step and out of our lounge, she doesn’t sit still in the bath and crawls from one end to the other, and now she is working hard on pulling herself up. I have had to baby proof the areas that she crawls in, such as the lounge.

In addition to the above her babbling is progressing in leaps and bounds. She is good with Mama and the last day or so has been working on Dada much to daddy’s excitement. She makes a lot of sounds that sound like words and she often drops them in a well-timed manner! She sometimes sounds as if she is singing and she finds it exceptionally fun to make a sound whilst using her finger to wiggle her bottom lip. She does it to us too! Her personality is really starting to show!


There is so much more to update you on and I will get on with it over the next few days. I hope you have all had a great Christmas time and please share any new developments with your little ones. I will leave it here for now but for now Happy New Year!!!