Helpful products for weaning

Ella’s Kitchen: The first foods book: The purple one (9th April 2015)  I have found this book really helpful for starting out as it gave a two week suggestion of first vegetables to introduce. I was keen to try the vegetable first approach. For the future the recipes look simple and tasty, and if travelling I can always buy the premade packets.

Annabel Karmel’s New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner (6th January 2014) This was recommended by a friend who said she really enjoyed making Annabel’s recipes. Some of the recipes for later stages look good. There is a good planner for the first few weeks. I’m using this as a guide to get an idea of how to build up to three meals per day.

Ella’s Kitchen: The cook book: The red one (25th June 2013) This is the latest addition to our cookbook collection. The recipes are easy to follow, quick to prepare and are tasty for both Amelia and ourselves. I have been using a hand blender to make them just the right texture.

Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons I really liked the concept of these spoons. They turn white if the food is too hot. I thought this was foolproof and I wouldn’t be worrying about someone else feeding her food that was too hot either!

Ella’s Kitchen First Foods and 4 months plus foods These are great for travel as they were compact, resealable and easy to use. We tried them out in the run up to the holiday so we knew Amelia would accept them. There’s a good selection of flavours and combinations. Plus, the ‘prunes prunes prunes’ one is particularly good if baby needs a good poop!

Mam starter cup really good size, light and the soft teat is particularly good. Amelia is finding it easy to get fluid out of it, and she can hold it herself when she wants!

Tommee Tippee Explora disposable bibs We found these really helpful for travel as we didn’t need to worry about washing or wiping clean. We tried a wipe clean bib but found that it created more mess. Amelia is very helpful at wiping her own mouth with bibs. The plastic ones allow her to wipe food all over her face!

Gro Chair Harness A really great item for taking out and about with you. Folds down into its own small bag and very light. It fits on to most chairs (we have been using dining style chairs) to create a harness for the little one to sit in. Great for when you are going somewhere taht may not have a highchair available. Amelia seems very secure in the harness and sits upright in it. It’s suitable from 6 months of age.

Munchkin miracle 360 trainer cup Amelia is enjying using this. She can sip from anywhere around the rim of the cup and get a good flow of water. It doesnt leak unless she throws it on the floor, in which case it leaves some drips.