Recommendations for clothing and textiles

Cozio Muslins – pack of 3 muslin cloths which are extra large and very soft. According to Mathuri they have multiple uses – wiping up, swaddling, as a blanket, etc. They also wash very well.

Cheeky wipes Reusable baby wipes that are commended for the cleaning job they do. Plus they are washable so more cost effective and environmentally friendly. For mor information visit

Splashabout UV All in One we used this when out and about at the beach, and also as an extra layer when swimming. It was really easy to get on and off, with poppers down the back, and has poppers at the bottom for easy nappy changes.

Splashabout Happy Nappy Amelia is required to wear this in conjunction with a swimming nappy for her swimming lessons. It is excellent at confining nappy incidents!

BabyBanz sunglasses Amelia has the white retro style. They fit well. Though it has taken a few attempts to get Amelia used to wearing them, she now happily wears them. It’s good extra sun protection.