Things to help with bathtime, bedtime and nappy time!

Tesco Loves Baby fragrance free ultra soft wipes good value, have not caused a rash/dryness, easy to used packet and only one wipe comes out at a time. Only one wipe required for most nappy changes.

Metanium every day barrier ointment nice consistency, non-drying, stays put, does the job as no nappy rash so far.

Angelcare soft baby bath support Having seen this recommended on the internet, and browsed the alternatives in shops, I fet this was the best bath support. Unlike the soft foam supports, which I felt might not be easy to keep clean, this is very easy to clean. It has a nice soft back tot he support, unlike some of the rigid ones available. It feels nice and steady in the bath, and even now she kicks about and goes a bit wild I am not worried about it slipping, flipping over or her escaping. I did worry it had been a useless purchase for the first month but after this time it’s really been great.

Johnson’s baby top to toe bath we have been using this from the early days and it’s not drying on her skin and great as we use it on both the hair and body. Also, being in a pump dispenser makes it easy to use with one hand. It also lasts forever. We are nowhere near finished with our first pack and we bath her almost daily. 

Earth Friendly Baby – calming lavender shampoo and body wash – lovely smelling and gentle on the skin, this is a more expensive option than the Johnson’s wash. Its organic and has natural ingredients. It’s downside is that its not easy to get the wash out of the dispenser with one hand. Therefore, its more of a two person job if you’re also supporting baby in the bath.

Cetraben cream – Available from pharmacies, boots, tesco, etc. this is a great moisturising cream. Amelia has a tendency to dry skin and eczema. So we use this every night after the bath and it’s kept her skin soft, moisturised and free from all bar a tiny patch of eczema in her neck creases.

Nuby Squirters Bath Time toys – My sister picked these up from the Aldi baby event. I thought it might be premature to giver her bath toys. Though she can use them herself yet she finds it hilarious when we squirt them at her.

Pottery barn nursery fur critter bath towels (as seen in the picture on the bathtime blog entry) This is a really warm, fun, absorbent towel. We got ours on a babymoon in the USA, however they do ship to the UK, and I am sure there are plently of similar towels available closer to home!

Munchkin 6 grippy dots I got these for the base of the bath. She now prefers to sit up in the bath and splash about and play. These prevent her from slinding aroudn in the bath. They have the added bonus that the red one shows a ‘hot’ message in white on it if the water is too hot. I think it’s quite sensitive (either that or Amelia prefers her water a bit warmer).

Ewan the Dreamsheep A soft toy that attaches to the crib. He has a red glow to his tummy when activated, and plays white noise or a melodic tune with a heartbeat sound in the background. Sound lasts 20 minutes when activated. Ewan has been really useful for signaling sleep and settling Amelia. His downside is that we find ourselves having to change his batteries once per month (3 x AAA). When the batteries are running low he sounds pretty sorry for himself. However, on balance we are happy to replace the batteries frequently in return for helping settle Amelia. We take him with us when away from home for a sense of familiarity. Lately we have found that Amelia chats to him until she falls asleep!

Sleepyhead I stumbled across the sleepyhead when looking for a crib. She usually sleeps on this within her crib/cot. It’s raised sides provide her with a snug fit and stop her from rolling on to her front. It’s helpful for travel as it can be compacted down with the cover removed. It can be placed in the centre of the bed if no travel cot is available (we have often placed it between us on the bed whilst in hotels or at friends’ houses) or provides familiarity when placed in a travel cot.