Travelling with baby? Best products to take

SnoozeShade Plus – I read about this on a blog written by someone who worked as a cabin crew member as a recommendation for travel. This fitted perfectly to the buggy and provided a good source of shade and darkened the buggy to aid Amelia napping comfortably. It also blocks up to 99% of UV rays so it’s great at providing sun protection.

SnoozeShade for travel cots – I came across this when purchasing the SnoozeShade for the buggy. This was great as Amelia was sleeping in the same room as us. It provided a darkened atmosphere for her so that we could keep the light on once she had gone to bed. It also acts effectively as a bug net.

Mosquitan Sticky patches – I ordered these from Amazon. They are postage sized sticky dots with essential oils such as citronella to act as bug repellent. I would stick one of these to the back of her clothing. They last for up to six hours according to the packaging but they definitely provided a scent for much longer. Though I was careful to use bug nets as much as possible they provided added reassurance and protection.